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For example, list breeze, air, and atmosphere under the heading of gas.

Use the same headings and analyze other works in this set.

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Dynamic because of its companies, infrastructure, road network and proximity to Paris.

Buying property in Normandy is a great investment because there is a strong rental potential with the capital just 60 minutes away.

Next, take the students outside (or work from visual re- sources like old calendars) to create a landscape using acrylic, tempera paint, or oil pastels.

Look for different textures and colors as students paint directly on the paper or canvas without sketching in outlines.

The writer Guy de Maupassant also followed Monet in his quest for impressions and vividly described the artist's gifts: ÒHe would pick up with a few strokes of his brush the falling sun ray or the passing cloud, leaving aside the false and conventional.

I saw him seize a sparkling downpour of light on the white cliff and fix it in a shower of yellow tones which made the effect of this fleeting and blinding marvel seem strangely astonishing.The scientists made discoveries about atoms (smaller parts) and matter (the whole).Have the students make four headings on their paperÑgas, liquid, solid, other. Ask the students to explain their thoughts by writing a paragraph that describes the experience of jumping into the painting. Continue reading on to the next page, #6: Cezanne, Still Life with Pears.Language Arts Tell the students to imagine jumping into the painting. Young because a third of its population is less then 25.Scientists John Dalton, Stanisloa Cannizzaro, and Amedeo Avogadro all worked in Europe at the same time as the Impressionists did.

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