Recipient update service not updating

An active writer and contributing editor for international IT publications such as PC Quest, Bharat was also a technical reviewer for Exchange Server 2003 24 Seven by Jim Mc Bee. Several users in my organisation have had their surnames changed & want their email addresses also changed.

The primary consideration here is the recipient policy used to generate email addresses.

The default recipient policy creates two email addresses: a default SMTP address and an X.400 address.

When users are created or moved to or from the OU, you have to make sure that the particular attribute you decide to use is populated or removed.

If the recipient policy is being used to assign an SMTP address from a different address space, you can generate different UPN suffixes for those domains.

I would like to get the RUS correctly adding the new email addresses, rather than manually doing it. This is how RUS should work:: "Determining What Action to Take on a Specific Object When the Recipient Update Service is started by its schedule or by Update Now, the way it decides what to do on any particular object is exactly the same: 1.

First, the Recipient Update Service determines which recipient policy to apply to the object.

When the choice is made, the Recipient Update Service stamps the object GUID attribute of that policy into the ms Exch Policies Included attribute on the recipient. Second, the Recipient Update Service determines whether the recipient is new.

If the recipient has no proxy addresses, then it is considered to be new and the Recipient Update Service stamps the recipient with all the checked addresses on the policy.

Deleting email address rules in the default recipient policy: Rules in the default recipient policy can be modified to accomplish tasks like generating email addresses for an SMTP address space for your public/registered DNS domain.

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