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"It's also a recessive trait, so it takes both parents passing on a mutated version of the MC1R gene to produce a redheaded child.``Because it's a recessive trait, red hair can easily skip a generation.

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The site was created "in reaction to stories I had heard about redheads going extinct," says Warrington, contacted by email.

But even he acknowledges much of the doomsday science lacks veracity.

She was born in Canada but her family roots go back to the Inverness area of Scotland, where redheads are not so rare.

The auburn-haired Maclean recalls being taunted with "carrot top" and "ginger nut," as a child. You come to realize, especially when you travel, how different it is," she says.

The third edition of the event, Hot for Ginger will be joined by John Frieda, Redhead Day UK, and Ginger Parrot…so we’ll see you there!

Keep your eyes peeled for goodie bags, t-shirts and games.But those keen beans can expect food, drink and entertainment, with freebies and discounts for redheads, too. And with 2017’s event only being the fourth of its kind, the weekend’s visitor count is expected to hit the 3,000 mark!Armed with sunscreen Established by Buderim Ginger and supported by R. France will throw its first ever Red Love Festival in Châteaugiron, Brittany, where gingers will be able to watch live music from both red-haired and non-ginger musicians from 10am until 2am, hoping to attract thousands of people throughout the day.Redheads looking for a fun and relaxed ginger gathering should head to Hamburg.With over 100 redheads and friends attending last year’s inaugural event, 2018’s daytime and evening programme is set to bring you group photo opportunities, a pub crawl, exhibitions, talks and plenty more!), Kiss A Ginger Day was born, to celebrate redheads and allow the rest of humankind spend all day wanting to be just like them.

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