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Fans were rooting online for the possibility of a connection between Stephanie and Kris, but Will did not seem too thrilled with the possibility.

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In the end, it was exactly what Will wanted to hear.

Picking up where they left off when Will gave Kris the ultimatum of choosing between dating Stephanie or working at Red Jacket, things in the shop had a definite tension to them in the season’s premiere episode.

“[The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office] currently has a ‘hold’ placed on Hayden – meaning, once he makes bond in [East Baton Rouge], he’ll be transferred back to the Livingston Parish Detention Center,” Livingston police explained in a press release.

The Livingston Parish Detention Center plans to hold Hayden on $125,000 bond if he is brought there.

that Ford struck and bruised the boy with a belt last month.

Hayden was also taken into custody for being in the same room at the time of the incident. 3, Hayden cryptically wrote via Facebook that her "family is still dealing with a lot right now." PHOTOS: Reality TV curse ran on the Discovery Channel in 2011.

And, in the end, it was no surprise when Kris decided he would be leaving Red Jacket for a chance with Stephanie—hey, who hasn’t done something crazy in their life for love? Kris decided to clear out his things from Red Jacket rather than miss a chance with Stephanie.

And, as it turned out, Will wasn’t being as curmudgeonly as viewers may have originally thought.

Now, of course, the test gets harder, when the two actually do try a dating relationship. Or will it cause nothing but problems for Will and Red Jacket?

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