Redating the reign of hatshepsut

he gave her his heart and showed himself in his godlike splendour.

When he approached the queen she wept for joy at his strength and beauty and he gave her his love...

redating the reign of hatshepsut-79

These propaganda worked well to cement Hatshepsut's position.

But as Tuthmose III grew, her sovereignty grew tenuous.

For the few years of his reign, however, Hatshepsut seems to have held the reins.

From markings on his mummy, archaeologists believe Tuthmose II had a skin disease, and he died after ruling only three or four years.

To have a female pharaoh was unprecedented, and probably most definitely unheard of as well.

When Tuthmose I passed away, his son by the commoner Moutnofrit, Tuthmose II, technically ascended the throne.

Only one of the canopic jars was found, the one containing her liver.

After her death, it is presumed that Tuthmose III ordered the systematic erasure of her name from any monument she had built, including her temple at Deir-el-Bahri.

Not long after his death, however, his sarcophagus was completely destroyed.

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