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Perhaps my reservations on Japan not going to agree to China's entry and the USA, though no longer a party, would also not permit China to be admitted to the CPTPP.

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Without China is the key agenda and going ahead without China is still like half a bird in the bush is better than none.

China was excluded and they have achieved what they set out to do.

Not only that, there is the big bad wolf lurking in the dark corner, not in the CPTPP does not mean that the Americans have no say in China's entry into the CPTPP.

The Americans would use their veto card to stop China and all the American cronies and little USAs would not be able to say no.

Did Hsien Loong speak to Abe and had his concurrence to brood this matter with China? Japan would definitely throw its weight down to oppose China's entry.

China is not just a historical enemy of Japan, its admission into CPTPP would mean that Japan would no longer be the undisputed leader to call the shot and to drive the CPTPP against China's interests.

Grudgingly they went ahead, on a limb, to sign a trade pact that is as good as a non pact.

The persistence of some members in the grouping not wanting to give up is understandable.

Would Singapore take a lead against the interests of Japan and the USA to invite China into the CPTPP?

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