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Season 2, Episode 3October 6, 2003Horatio hunts for the person responsible for a vicious attack on a woman who was lured to a vacant condo and beaten with a piece of lumber.

Season 2, Episode 2September 29, 2003The body of a man involved in recovering sunken treasure is discovered pinned to the wall of his new cabin cruiser by a bloody spear fired from a speargun at close range.

The investigation leads Horatio to a Georgia prison and prompts Delko to make a surprising confession.

The only witness to the crime is a developmentally challenged man who says the killer is someone named Colton. The investigation leads to an A-list movie star who was caught in a compromising position in photos taken by the paparazzo.

Season 2, Episode 12January 12, 2004A diamond broker carrying $2 million in merchandise is murdered after his car is hit by another vehicle and he gets out to confront the driver. Season 2, Episode 15February 16, 2004A celebrity photographer is found dead in his car following an accident, but Horatio believes he was murdered.

The investigation leads the CSIs into the ultra-competitive, high-stakes world of open-wheel racing, where they discover teams will do anything to get ahead. The case becomes even more difficult for the CSIs when one of their coworkers becomes a leading suspect.

Season 2, Episode 7November 11, 2003Horatio suspects foul play when a pit-crew fuel man at a qualifying race in Miami is burned to death after being engulfed by invisible flames shortly after refueling his team's race car. Season 2, Episode 8November 17, 2003Horatio learns disturbing details about his brother Ray's 2000 murder when a woman shows up with Ray's illegitimate child and a husband who may be linked to the crime; a man ends up dead after soliciting a woman via the Internet. Season 2, Episode 9November 25, 2003A young woman is attacked by a shark and later dies, but it's discovered that she was shot first.

Season 2, Episode 5October 20, 2003The two young owners of a city bar are gunned down after hours and another man is wounded in the attack, which was allegedly committed by a masked gunman.

The first focuses on a man who was apparently thrown through the air into a moving car; the second centers on a man found impaled on a fence in his backyard; and the third focuses on a woman discovered shot in her bedroom.

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Back at the lab, Delko gets into trouble when he inadvertently interferes with a case after stumbling across a car-theft ring.

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