Roger bobb dating kenya moore tips for dating a foreign exchange student

I am happy, making amazing music with @nealante , and in a new relationship ….yes, with this cutie right here!

Porsha is reportedly on a week-to-week contract pending the amount of drama she brings, and despite rumors that Phaedra Parks will limit her role in the wake of Apollo’s sentencing, Ne Ne Leakes confirmed Phaedra will be back! Now, let’s discuss the other new potential: Demetria. Apparently Demetria is dating a man named Roger Bobb, whom Kenya was flirting rampantly with last year, and rumor has it he and Kenya “got intimate.”According to Tamara Tattles, Roger, who is an executive producer for the , is presenting to be a very single and eligible Atlanta bachelor, while Demetria believes they are very together.

And get this – Roger and Kenya are still flirting heavily with each other!

Shouldn’t a former Miss WHO-S-A know how to work a camera?

Or is that like a former supermodel not knowing how to walk a runway?

pals from turning up this past weekend and celebrating the “Trade it All” singer’s birthday in style.

And you better believe Demetria’s boo Roger Bobb was on hand for the festivities as well!

In Kenya-land she’s doing a photo shoot for her newest career as an acktruss.

Cynthia is on hand to instruct Kenya on how to pose, because Kenya needs direction.

Kandi Burruss‘ family is having a BBQ, she arrives with Todd, and she’s not speaking to Joyce because her boyfriend destroyed the house Kandi gave her, which Kandi, for some reason, didn’t know until after she bought MJ a new house. Eventually one of the aunts force Joyce and Kandi to have a sit-down. the medication for my aneurism is making me feel faint, I haven’t the strength to fight. Mama Joyce: YOU need Jesus because surely that crazy-ass delusional behavior is the work of the devil! #Fix It Jesus At The Bailey Agency, new ‘friend’ of the Housewife Demetria Mc Kinney wants Cynthia Bailey to help cast her music video.

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