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Demetria is having a video launch party, so she invites Cynthia, who suggests bringing along her friend Kenya Moore.

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The starlet took to Instagram this weekend to debut her “cutie”, Eric “Nealante” Phillips.

She also made sure to make it clear to a fan in her comments section that her engagement is off and “she doesn’t care what people think.” Do YOU boo! What do YOU think about Demetria and her new man???

Shouldn’t a former Miss WHO-S-A know how to work a camera?

Or is that like a former supermodel not knowing how to walk a runway?

I am happy, making amazing music with @nealante , and in a new relationship ….yes, with this cutie right here!

Well it’s a wrap between them, and Demetria’s got a new man.“The two new girls are extremely beautiful, so there was a lot of chemistry in the house.”The other potential newbie is Demetria Mc Kinney, a singer and philanthropist and serious fashion-lover of the Marlo-vein (meaning over-the-top glam and big labels).Claudia, a former Miss Rhode Island, also competed in the Miss USA pageant and presently is a DJ for Dish Network’s Rickey Smiley Show, where coincidentally Porsha Stewart also works. It’s unclear if the new girls are replacing any of the current cast members or simply joining the cast as an addition Housewife or Friend of the Housewives. I’m sure you’re aware but Tyler Perry is Ne Ne’s bestbestbestbestbestbestbest friend in allllll the world. Demetria also shares a connection with Kenya – but not a favorable one!Last night’s episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta was a modern day fairytale! Before any of this happens we’re confronted with Mama Joyce. Kandi falls for it immediately – Joyce is her kryptonite.Maidens dueled over the elusive Roger Bobb, prince of production-ville, Ne Ne Leakes was cursed by an evil gay and and was doomed to an episode of bad wigs, and Phaedra Parks turned to stone. First thing, right out of the gate, like bad news before coffee in the morning that’s too early. Outside, Todd, (aka the only adult in this co-dependent mess) points out that Joyce only wants to stop fighting when she knows she’s in the wrong.And Demetria, of course, will be Team Ne Ne (Team Rich Bitch), given that she is NOT going to like Kenya pulling a Krayonce and getting cozy with her man. Whore-Moore, who if she is also flirting with Demetria’s man makes her Krayonce More-Of-A-Whore-Moore. Photos of Claudia hanging out with RHOA ladies are below!

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