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The reverse of the top one, in the right photo, depicts two figures standing facing what apparently is a central altar, while that of the middle one depicts a female standing figure facing left with a cornucopia in her right hand. David Feldman of Lancaster, Ky., for their invaluable assistance.These would originally have had a silver surface, long since gone.

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They certainly could have come with the Viking settlers, as the majority of them were found in or close to Viking ruins.

This is, however, considered highly unlikely due to the fact that Vikings rarely, if ever carried any Roman coins dating from that period.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Michael Crawford to the project and also to thank Michael Sharp of Cambridge University Press for allowing us to use the numbering system of Roman Republican Coinage.

RRC Online is made possible by stable numismatic identifiers and linked open data methodologies established by the project.

This project takes as its starting point the Roman Republican coins in the British Museum collection.

These are published in a dedicated online catalogue prepared in 2010: Coinage of the Roman Republic Online (CRRO) aims to provide in effect an online version of Michael Crawford's 1974 publication Roman Republican Coinage (RRC), which is still the primary typology used for the identification of Roman Republican coin types.Since its publication in 1974 there have been significant revisions to the dating of the series following the discovery of new hoards, but no attempt has been made to reflect these or make any other amendments to the published typology at this stage.Illuminating the credibility of the Book of Mormon through archaeological photographs. reveals hard evidences Jesus did came to another ancient people besides the Jews.Book of Mormon Archaeology is real, authentic, scientifically researched, a proven fact. Dear Reader, If the Book of Mormon is fraudulent, then why are Ancient Roman Coins discovered in Kentucky?While Totten is confident that the coins are genuine, he warns that such coins are easy to obtain from coin dealers. Two of the larger towns are named Quicksand and Lost Creek, but the 2000 U.

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