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Over time, though, the religion started to change and, toward the 1970s, started getting tough on sexual immorality.The church officially announced that oral sex was an “unnatural, impure, or unholy practice“—and that wasn’t just a rule for horny teens.Originally, the Mormon faith was hardly the faith of prudes.

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While Christians are happy to go around turning water into wine and drinking until they pass out naked in tents like Noah, Mormon scriptures specifically forbid all the most dangerous substances: alcohol, tobacco, and drinks slightly warmer than room temperature.

Most of the time, this “no hot drinks” rule is interpreted as meaning “no coffee or tea.” That might make sense if it’s a rule against caffeine because caffeine is addictive. The Mormon Church is totally fine with people consuming as much caffeine as they can handle—just as long as it’s slightly chilled.

The church tells its followers that they live in tumultuous times and need to be self-reliant for anything that comes—whether it’s the apocalypse or a personal tragedy.

Every church has an emergency response plan ready for its ward to keep the church members safe in the event of a catastrophe. The church instructs every member to keep an emergency shelter ready with a three-month supply of the food they eat daily.

So they do everything they can to keep their missionaries from getting hurt.

Missionaries don’t get to see their families, either.

Even with half-court basketball, they’re not allowed to keep score.

So, if you ever get challenged to a game of ball by a missionary—which actually happens a lot—invite them out to a full court and see how they react.

According to the missionary handbook, they can “never go swimming.” Ever. The Mormon Church is strongly against full-court basketball and playing Marco Polo in local swimming pools because they’re worried about injuries.

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