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A Met Police spokesman said this afternoon: 'We can confirm the Metropolitan Police Service was passed an allegation of sexual assault by Merseyside Police on Wednesday, 11 October.

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Evans was a college student preparing for her senior year at Middlebury in 2004 when she met Weinstein at Cipriani in New York City.

She wanted to be an actress and gave the executive her phone number, eventually agreeing to come in and read for a female casting director at Weinstein's offices in Tribeca.

Pls respect my family's privacy,' wrote Evans on Twitter Thursday.

When she was pressed by one follower, she reiterated: 'No comment.' Evans has yet to file formal complaint in the case, and it is not known if she is cooperating with police.

The department said it was too early to know what charged Weinstein might face, but both rape and assault would seem in line with his actions should detectives uncover enough evidence.

NYPD also did not have a timeline yet for how long it might take to gather all the necessary evidence.

Weinstein allegedly supplied her with wine before inviting her up to his hotel room to watch some unedited scenes that he was struggling with.

But, she said that when the door closed behind them, he shoved her on the bed and began 'tugging at her clothes'.

A spokesman for police in Liverpool said: 'Merseyside Police can confirm a report was received at 8.40am on Wednesday of an alleged sexual assault in the London area in the 1980s.

The report has been referred to the Metropolitan Police.'After it was revealed that Metropolitan Police would be opening an investigation a separate English actress, Sophie Dix, has also revealed an alleged sexual assault by Weinstein at the Savoy Hotel in London that left her burgeoning Hollywood career in tatters.

The NYPD said they are focusing on an incident involving a woman named Lucia Evans who detailed her 2004 encounter with Weinstein to the New Yorker.

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