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Maybe your spouse has yet to leave but you know it’s coming…On your i Phone under your clock, there is a world clock, punch in where your spouse is so you always know what time it is there and what the difference is.

You can also buy clocks to hang up and also have their time between your time so they don’t seem so far away.

It’s always more fun to have date night together via video chatting but many of these ideas will work even if you’re not virtually face to face.

Use our 4th of July care package printables (or ANY holiday!

It’s like sharing that treat together, only you get the whole thing!

Make date night a priority and get a sitter or make a plans for the kids to be in bed- just like you would with a regular date.

The links on the other websites are called external link.

We can’t get enough of date nights and with so many ideas to choose from we know you’ve found something that’ll get you excited for some special moments with your love, so get out there and get something started!

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