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Merchandising paintings by the contemporary Russian painters is the main goal of the site.Painters from everywhere on the planet may build their own painting exposition for free to exhibit and sell artworks.The picture of the artist bears in itself a charge of his thoughts, experiences, creative torments, emotions, aspirations, has unique flavor and energy.

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The main reference point when purchasing Russian paintings is your sensory perception, but not taste of your designer, friend or art critic.

The painting by all means has to be pleasant first of all to you.

Competently bought and correctly hanged pictures will help to rectify the situation.

They will give the cozy atmosphere to all space, will not allow you get bored and will introduce harmony of beauty and perfection into your life.

Paintings inspire us to open a new world around us.

Being unique echo of reality, each artwork has a unique character making our interior interesting and fresh.

Purchasing or ordering a painting from its painter is an equally interesting and educational process.

In addition, it is a good and long-term investment of capital.

When you feel like having a lot in common with the state put into a painting by its painter, this picture is the one you need and perhaps it is worth buying.

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