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C., have produced carvings of striking resemblance to the Saluki.The name Saluki is derived from the ancient city of Saluk in Iraq southeast of Baghdad.

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The earliest written reference to the Saluki is found in the verses composed by Abu Nawas, a ninth century Arab poet, and Al Jahiz who wrote Animals Book.

In one of Nawas’s poems, written in praise of the Saluki, he enumerates the following qualities: I will sing the praise of my Saluki whose owner’s good fortune is assured by his tremendous effort.

The Saluki must have a soft bed, or he could develop callouses.

A Saluki in proper weight is naturally thin; however, this breed tends to be a picky eater, which can result in a very thin-looking dog.

Their pictures appear in ancient Egyptian tombs dating from 2100 BC.

This breed is thought of by the Muslims as a sacred gift of Allah, so these dogs were never sold but offered only as a gift of friendship or homage.

A 20x40 foot TS Sports scoreboard with video replay capabilities in the North end zone and expanded concessions and restrooms significantly enhance the fan experience. ake Interstate 57, exit at Marion and go west on Route 13.

Field Turf, a Tarkett Sports Company, installed its Duraspine PRO turf system and its patented sand and rubber infill at Saluki Stadium. A half-cent sales tax increase approval by the city of Carbondale along with an increase in student fees, private donations and the sale of 12 new club suites will pay for the balance of construction costs. Stay on Route 13 until crossing the railroad tracks in downtown Carbondale.

Seating includes 1,080 prime chairback seats as well as spots on the grass berm enclosing the north end zone.

The two-story press box features 12 club suites, a 2,500-square foot VIP Club Room, along with traditional booths for radio, television, coaches and the print media.

At the time it was built, Saluki Stadium was the newest of 12 stadiums constructed by an FCS school since 2000*.

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