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Your Italian or Nebraskan lover may leave soon and want to take you with them.

Let’s just hope it’s the former place and not the latter.

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At the end of a 10-hour workday, leaving your office to go on a date seems a lot less enticing than free car service directly to your apartment.

You know those people who stare at their phones while crossing the street? With all the innovation coming out of the city, it’s no wonder people are constantly trying to stay plugged in (no pun intended).

To not be the only single friend at every friend’s wedding, dinner, birthday and book-club gathering? The 70-year-old woman who works at my neighborhood corner store advised that I continue dating until I know what I want, and that I date one of our neighbors.“He’s single; he’s handsome; and he dresses nice. You broke up with your boyfriend.”I trust her, so I gave her my email address—no swiping required—and planned to meet this neighbor date on Friday. He touches my butt in public. p.m.: My mind has changed.

I order cocktail number 2. p.m.: My date and I discuss tech jobs.

The distance between you and your lover not only severely limits your dating pool to the people around you, but traveling back and forth is exhausting enough to call it quits.

While other metropolitan cities have finance bros, accounting bros, and marketing bros, San Francisco is inundated with tech bros.

It is not fascinating to me. p.m.: I go to the bathroom for a quick moment of an introvert’s retreat because I am still not fascinated.

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