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The storyline’s has given Arizona since Callie’s exit have been lackluster to say the least, often functioning as a spark to bring new characters such as Eliza Minnick and De Luca’s sister Carina in (and out, regarding Minnick’s short stint).If Carina De Luca is here to stay, why isn’t there room for both a bisexual and lesbian character to have strong storylines even if they aren’t together?

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She describes the feeling as not knowing you were traveling in a foreign land until you see someone and instantly you know that they are your home.

You’ve never spoken before, but there’s an instinctive connection.

She played the talented and bisexual doctor Callie Torres on the hit ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

But in Coming out Stories, a new video series from People, Sara Ramirez, 42, admitted that as a queer and bisexual woman, she didn't know if she was ready to come out publicly.

I cozied up under a blanket on a cold fall night, drank camomile tea, and watched out bisexual actress Sara Ramirez, who happens to also be one of the best known Latina actresses currently working in television, play delightfully quirky and undoubtedly brilliant Kat Sandoval on CBS’ , based on Alison Bechdel’s 2006 graphic novel memoir of the same name, the narrator recounts the first time she really saw herself in public.

She was a pre-teen in a small town Pennsylvania diner when a butch delivery woman walked in.

Capshaw’s impact is one of the first lesbian series regulars to headline a primetime network show is massive, and she’s always expressed an outpouring of gratitude to the LGBT community for championing Arizona.

Shonda Rhimes herself tweeted an acknowledgment of the need for LGBT representation, which is great and all, bit she’s also neglected to keep the head of her other TGIT show’s sexuality at the forefront of her character’s identity.

She said: 'I was afraid of the discrimination I may face not just outside of Hollywood but within.' But she had a change of heart two years ago as the political climate intensified and she continued to hear and read about 'the countless forms of violence perpetrated against us' such as the 2016 shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub.

She said she had an 'organic incremental urgency' to use her platform to empower the people in the LGBTQ community that came over her in way that she had never experienced before.

Lesbian or bi, we could all relate to one half of Calzona.

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