Sara ramirez dating anyone

But needless to say, this one came as a genuine shock, especially considering Arizona’s character has been a benchmark for lesbian representation on mainstream TV.

When Arizona stepped in as the perky head of peds in the fifth season of Grey’s, she truly came in like a fresh breath of lesbian air.

Annalise Keating’s bisexuality has barely seen the light of day since Famke Janssen’s brief stint as her on again off again lover, Eve.

After Deadline broke the news of Capshaw’s departure (along with Sara Drew, who plays April Kepner), series Showrunner Krista Vernoff fired back at mentions of significant salary for Ellen Pompeo as a potential reason for the cuts.

Arizona was confident in her sexuality, she was a kickass doctor, and she was hot as well.

Watching her budding romance with Callie was, for so many of us, like watching ourselves.

Since my mind is all consumed with WEDDING WEDDING WEDDING. How does that work when you are getting married on TGIT?!?! Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) are still apart, but their friendship will take on an entirely new level of maturity because they both start dating new people.

Just in case anyone wants to know, I have had a crush on Callie Tores since the jump.

As we’ve experienced recently, burying your gays can come in many forms other than death.

On Sunday, November 19th, year of our (Audre) Lorde Two-Thousand and Seventeen, I saw something transcendent.

Capshaw’s impact is one of the first lesbian series regulars to headline a primetime network show is massive, and she’s always expressed an outpouring of gratitude to the LGBT community for championing Arizona.

Shonda Rhimes herself tweeted an acknowledgment of the need for LGBT representation, which is great and all, bit she’s also neglected to keep the head of her other TGIT show’s sexuality at the forefront of her character’s identity.

She describes the feeling as not knowing you were traveling in a foreign land until you see someone and instantly you know that they are your home.

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