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Rabbinic literature assumes that Jews are not homosexual.For example, the Mishnah presents the following disagreement between Rabbi Judah and the Sages: “R.

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Cultic prostitution, both hetero‑ and homosexual, was a common feature of idolatrous worship in the ancient Near East, but, like the story of Sodom, it is no longer a relevant precedent for modern homosexuality..

(Note, however, that a Torah prohibition always stands on its own even if no cogent rationale can be found for it.) Some rabbis have argued that homosexuality is forbidden because procreation is impossible.

In other words, homosexuality undermines and threatens the Jewish ideal of family life, of marriage and children, articulated in the Torah.

Heterosexuality is the communal norm for Jews; homosexuality, a perversion of that norm.

Rapinoe is currently a member of the Seattle Sounders club team following the dismantling of Women's Professional Soccer following three seasons of mixed success and dwindling attendances.

She played alongside Walsh in a two-game stint for Australian side Sydney FC last October.

(See Genesis 19; the word “sodomy” comes from this incident.) However, the occurrence in the story was a case of homosex­ual rape, hardly a legitimate precedent for the kind of consensual homosexual acts we are considering.

Others see the root of the prohibition in the verse “No Israelite woman shall be a cult prostitute, nor shall any Israelite man be a cult prostitute” (Deuteronomy ).

Even since joining the national team, Rapinoe has not kept her sexuality, or more recently her relationship with Walsh, a secret.

She said the only reason the news did not enter the wider public domain until now, despite being known in soccer circles, was that she had never been asked.

"I feel like everyone is really craving people to come out.

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