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Especially the publishing workflow for posts and pages as well as their changes becomes demanding.Using plugins like visual composer or advaced custom fields with their flexbox addon it becomes common to build huge startpages, subsites and langpages using a simple, understandable visual editor insted of bolting them together using custom post types.He was a member of the team that wrote the first Project Scheduling certification exam for PMI in 2007.

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Maybe it’s because it was not made for this kind of heavy-duty scheduling, but while it works most of the time – brilliantly, I might add – it still fails sometimes, and nobody wants to subscribe to a TV-like online channel which only works four out of five times.

Example 1, just this morning: 2, after my manual update: of luck and hopefully this problem gets sorted out. i’m using that on a machine set to UTC 8, not sure if that’s the reason, if i want to schedule an update, it HAVE to be 8 hours later, or it will complain any time i set less than 8 hours in advance to be “a time in the past”. plus, it’s kind of subtle to find it’s link by doing mouse-over on the link to page/post, maybe that’s owing to the limitation of this plugin design, but i think it would be much better to have the link show in the right column “publish” section.

Saleh is an authority on project planning, scheduling and project controls.

He’s the author of Construction Project Scheduling & Control in 3rd edition) a text widely used in academia.

Actions do NOT need to be taken at each schedule up-date should the CD slip beyond the required one.• This will consist of reviewing the critical paths, the sequence and duration of their activities and identifying what changes to the execution, such as doing some activities in parallel, increasing resources to reduce a task duration, changing the work sequence or method etc. From a contractual and commercial perspective, the up-date of the level 3 schedule is highly critical as the level 3 is the only tool that fully identifies and supports the existence of a causal link between the event and its consequence that is: a delay of activities of the critical path.

Additionally, it is essential that all delays of CPY origin are reflected in the schedule up-date as the CTR’s obligation under the contract is to up-date the level 3 on a regular basis with all impacts.• If the activity has not finished. This can be done in 2 ways: either by asking the discipline concerned an estimate of when it will be completed, and entering a corresponding “remaining duration” in the scheduling software, or by entering a percent progress and letting the software calculating the finished date.It is a huge mistake to rush to learning the computer application before you understand the concepts, definitions, calculations, and mechanics of the Critical Path Method and all related subjects. Mubarak, drawing from his 30 years of in-the-field project experience, will teach you the proper approach to creating construction project schedules.Specifically, you will cover the life cycle of a construction schedule, from the moment the project is conceived, including estimating, creating a network, scheduling, analysis and updating. Mubarak will focus on CPM scheduling and the intricacies of applying the Critical Path Methodology to real-life Construction timelines.You'll also cover precedence networks, bar charts, total float, lag and lead time, calendars, driving relationship and many more topics specific to scheduling.But that's not all - get ready for real stories and lessons from the field as told only the way Dr. All in all, you will gain new skills to be competitive in your career as a Construction project scheduler.... Saleh Mubarak is an internationally renowned Project Controls speaker, consultant, author and educator.However, I noticed early on that the TAO plugin does not update continuously, most of the time just skipping an update and moving on to the next.

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