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This is just a little side project I am maintaining as time permits.

schedule updating-27

Months passed and the update skips happened less and less.

So I decided to give the plugin a really definitive test of its abilities.

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The contract requires the contractor to update the project schedule periodically (usually the contractually specified period is a 30 calendar days period) and evidence whether the project completion date or contractual milestones are met or delayed.• The modifications to the activity network resulting from the better knowledge gained in the period about the project, such as more precise estimate of quantities, work volumes, sequence etc.

However, I noticed early on that the TAO plugin does not update continuously, most of the time just skipping an update and moving on to the next.

I held back against giving a review then since I thought that I want to trust the service you built, which I didn’t pay for anyway, so I’ll give it more time.You'll also cover precedence networks, bar charts, total float, lag and lead time, calendars, driving relationship and many more topics specific to scheduling.But that's not all - get ready for real stories and lessons from the field as told only the way Dr. All in all, you will gain new skills to be competitive in your career as a Construction project scheduler.... Saleh Mubarak is an internationally renowned Project Controls speaker, consultant, author and educator.The experience we made with our customers showed, that the revisions approach is hard to grasp for less technical users and also rather error prone.These are the main reasons for us to brew our own solution. It only does one thing, but tries to do this the right way: Take a copy of an arbitrary post/page/cpt, change it and make it replace the original post at a given date and time in the future.If this is a good and DRY way to go is not to discuss here 🙂 A Problem arises as soon as you try updating such a complex single page at a specific date in the future – there is no easy way so schedule changes to already published wordpress pages inside the wordpress core functionality.

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