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If Jesse chooses to save the Amulet in Soren's grinder, Lukas will rush in and save Axel and Reuben, this in resulting Axel saying "Lukas, I know we've had our differences, but you're okay in my book".

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In Episode 1, Axel holds a grudge against Lukas, since he is a former member of the Ocelots.

They later fight in the treehouse/hut that the group built on the way to the Order's temple.

Before he left the group, Lukas was the leader of the Ocelots. In Episode 4, when he found that the other Ocelots might have survived and could be in danger, he was shown very worried and willing to find them.

However, once Aiden, Maya, and Gill formed the Blaze Rods and kicked him off the team, Lukas held a grudge against them ever since.

In the beginning of Episode 3, they are shown arguing about how Ivor uses his door.

Olivia appreciates his intelligence and Lukas cares for her well-being when she and Axel aren't with the rest of the team in Episodes 5-8. When Jesse chooses to save either Ivor or Petra, Lukas saves the one not chosen.

In Episode 8, if Jesse successfully gets Lukas' journal back, Lukas will ask Jesse to choose the ending.

If Jesse chooses "..he/she couldn't have done it without his/her friends", Lukas will close the book and say "You know something? In Season 2, Lukas is shown to really care about Jesse, as he tries to watch out for him/her in "Giant Consequences", when he protects him/her from Romeo's Prismarine Colossus.

Later, he teams up with Jesse to stop Ivor and the Wither Storm. In "Hero in Residence", he wears a leather jacket without an ocelot face.

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