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Cost: for youths (13-17) for adults (18 and above) (You’ll have to pay an extra for registration if it’s your first time there!) For couples out there who aren’t afraid to get hot and wet, this is the place for you to go.As you drive along the road to Keppel Bay, look out for the magnificent sunset views.

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May not taste good, but hey, it’s the thought that counts right! You can even go on a double or triple date with your best friends, but remember to ask your girlfriend for permission first! The cinema showcase different genres of films and movies – indies, classics, horror, action flicks, you name it!

The movies and films are shown in two different rooms: The Green Room and The Redrum.

expensive, and sometimes, even if you want to bring your girlfriend out for a good time, you’ve always hesitated because there are just so few places that don’t cost cost an arm and a leg? The problem isn’t Singapore; it’s not you’ve not dug enough for good and hidden places in Singapore that are not just romantic, and cheap as well.

And you’re welcome in advance, you woody boyfriends who are always trying to be romantic.

If you have never been to this UNESCO site, what are you waiting for?

For those who have already made a visit to the park, it’s not a shame to go back again.

Pack a picnic mat, some chips and chilled drinks, and you’re good to go!

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