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The width of the circular concrete pile is measured giving you slump flow value.Conventional concrete, without any admixtures, generally has a slump flow value of about four inches.

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Self-consolidating Concrete Self-consolidating, otherwise known as self-compacting concrete (SCC), is a concrete mix that easily flows and sets in places where conventional concrete would require mechanical assistance.

Like many innovative products, SCC was developed out of social necessity.

They also help add overall strength to the concrete mixture that is lost when coarse gravels are substituted with finer particles.

Viscosity-modifying agents can reduce the yield stress in pipelines, compared to conventional concrete, to as little as 10 Pa.

The finer aggregate particles also allow SCC to produce a smoother aesthetic finish.

The smooth finish obtainable using SCC also allows it to display mold textures better than conventional concrete mixes.

The remaining 25-30 percent is generally some combination of admixture materials including but not limited to iron, silicone, limestone, and clay.

The larger size of aggregate particles in conventional concrete also contributes to its overall pumpable yield stress.

Although SCC was originally used in specialized situations, over time it became a superior alternative to conventional vibrated concretes.

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