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The performance of the developed mixtures was evaluated by testing the fresh properties, compressive strength, splitting tensile strength (STS), flexural strength (FS), and impact loading (drop weight on cylindrical and beam specimens).The results indicated that inclusion of CR decreased the compressive strength, STS, and FS of the tested mixtures, while the impact resistance obviously increased.

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A cone vessel, shaped somewhat like a loud horn, is filled with a wet concrete mixture.

When the cone is removed, the clump of remaining concrete flows outward.

Although the popular Portland Concrete is an example of a commonly used variety of conventional concrete, there are many variations that use a variety of admixtures.

Gravels are generally the coarse aggregate components of conventional concretes.

Although SCC was originally used in specialized situations, over time it became a superior alternative to conventional vibrated concretes.

SCC, in comparison to conventional concrete, will have a nominal aggregate size of around 9 mm or less.

The remaining 25-30 percent is generally some combination of admixture materials including but not limited to iron, silicone, limestone, and clay.

The larger size of aggregate particles in conventional concrete also contributes to its overall pumpable yield stress.

and there is no way to check and therefore no guarantee that result will be free of cavitation.

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