Server exchange skills technology updating

The majority of the Exchange escalations I’ve received in my career have either been related to a lack of product understanding, or an issue with one of the above external technologies.

We have customers who we’ve served continuously for more than 30 years.

Our staff is experienced, dedicated, and resourceful.

Our diverse set of technology skills include: It is a powerful combination: a collaborative work environment, a broad set of skills, and keen business acumen.

Most importantly, we love to see our customers succeed.

We focus on solutions that give a competitive advantage, increase productivity, and lower operational costs.

Our clients range in size from micro-businesses to large corporations with offices across the region.

Exchange Server still requires proper load balancing, and while TMG is a dead product, load balancers have become popular reverse proxy/web-publishing solutions.

Exchange 2010 was also the first product version to introduce a “Hybrid Configuration” which mandated an Exchange Professional add Cloud/Identity to their skillset.

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