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If it is set to 0 (Security), Windows Update for Business policies will have no effect.

setting and updating of system components depositfales-32

Important This policy does not apply to Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise.

Prior to Windows 10, version 1703, feature updates could be paused by up to 60 days.

You can define if, and for how long, you would like to defer receiving Quality Updates following their availability.

You can defer receiving these Quality Updates for a period of up to 35 days from their release by setting the Defer Quality Updates Periodin Days value.

To see if a device has auto-resumed taking Feature Updates, you can check the status registry key Paused Feature Status under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Update\Update Policy\Settings.

Quality Updates are typically published the first Tuesday of every month, though can be released at any time by Microsoft.

Important Due to naming changes, older terms like CB, CBB and LTSB may still be displayed in some of our products.

In the following settings CB refers to Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted), while CBB refers to Semi-Annual Channel.

You can use Group Policy or your mobile device management (MDM) service to configure Windows Update for Business settings for your devices.

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