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A “session” cookie is one that generally expires when you close your web browser or mobile application.

Many of the Wikimedia Sites are technically separate sites – for example, French Wikipedia is different from English Wikipedia, and both are separate from French Wikibooks.

As a result, we may set different cookies for different Wikimedia Sites. ) tell the Wikimedia Sites apart, each Wikimedia Site may set cookies that reflect their name.

We could list 800 versions of User Name (one for each language and project), but instead this table will just have one entry for “User Name” - User Name.

Wherever you see , that means you'll get one copy of the cookie for each of the Wikimedia Sites that you visit, and the name will be the “cookie prefix” (like enwiki, frwikinews, etc.) plus the rest of the name. Third-party cookies allow us to render services provided by third parties, such as “like” and “share” buttons.

For example, enwiki User Name is a cookie that sets your username in “enwiki” - i.e., in English Wikipedia.

frwikinews User Name is a cookie that sets your username in “frwikinews” - i.e., in French Wikinews.

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