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It was a thong bikini whose top did not completely cover her breasts and the bottom in my view was scandalous, better suited for a prostitute than a young girl.

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Look, you promised we would spend some quality time together on this trip, said Warren reaching down to grasp my buttocks.

His strong hands kneaded my flesh as he ground his groin against mine. Physically, it felt right but I was too put out with Warrenll have no one else to blame if some boy gets her pregnant, I said trying to change the subject, but Warren was having none of it.

Our accommodations were far beyond our family budget but we were paying the single room rate thanks to my friend Michelle and her half brother, Robbie.

She and her family were in the Mayan Suite next door.

But with the help of our good Lord, I remained chaste until my wedding night.

To this day, I am proud of my restraint and I tell both my girls how much my chastity meant to me.

Personally, I was barely able to withstand temptation until Warren and I married.

Every day was a struggle to maintain my chastity especially after Warren and I became engaged and he wanted to start having sex.

I practically gagged at the thought of playing Warrens Rusty Trombone.

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