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"I find PW1 behaved in a manner likely to suggest she was an adult. Subscribe to the Standard SMS service and receive factual, verified breaking news as it happens.

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It did not promote experimentation with sex, a fear that many policymakers have regarding sexuality education.

Girls who received Friends of Youth services were significantly more likely to adopt secondary abstinence and less likely to have had three or more sex partners, compared to girls in a comparison area where Friends of Youth was not implemented.

Friends of Youth is an initiative for young people implemented by the Family Health Options of Kenya (FHOK) in collaboration with members of the community.

FHOK used the results of Council research to develop a program to effectively reach young people in Nyeri, and later elsewhere in Kenya, with reproductive health and HIV information and services.

Boys who received Friends of Youth services were significantly more likely to have used a condom at last sex.

The project also improved the ability of young people to communicate about reproductive health issues.Justice Chitembwe noted: "There is no evidence that the appellant deceived the complainant or forcefully had sex with her.The Population Council uses social science to identify local needs and tailor programs accordingly.The High Court has released a man who had been jailed for 15 years for defiling a minor after ruling she was "behaving like an adult".Omus Kiringi got back his freedom after the court ruled that the 16-year-old girl he had sex with "enjoyed the same way an adult would do until she got pregnant".The project has added subsidized HIV voluntary counseling and testing services for young people in addition to the regular subsidized reproductive health services.

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