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The project has added subsidized HIV voluntary counseling and testing services for young people in addition to the regular subsidized reproductive health services.Friends of Youth was one of the earliest voucher programs for young people.

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The project was locally designed and is consistent with Kikuyu culture, in which, traditionally, parents ask trusted adults to provide sexual and reproductive health information to their children as they undergo puberty rites.

Friends of Youth also trained a network of cooperating service providers, mostly from the private sector, on how to provide appropriate services to young people.

A police officer who was called to testify also told the court that investigations revealed that the girl had sex several times with the man and that they used to meet at his shop.

Despite the evidence, the magistrate's court slapped Kiringi with a 15-year jail sentence.

The Council rigorously evaluated the project before it was expanded.

On the basis of the Council’s initial formative research, FHOK developed a program that reaches young people aged 10–24 years using a group of respected adults, called Friends of Youth.

Justice Chitembwe noted: "There is no evidence that the appellant deceived the complainant or forcefully had sex with her.

The Population Council uses social science to identify local needs and tailor programs accordingly.

According to court records, the girl, a Class Six pupil at the time, would visit Kiringi after school.

Her teachers later found out that she was pregnant.

High Court Judge Said Chitembwe ruled that it was difficult to ascertain whether the girl was of legal age to give herself to a man or if she was an adult.

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