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if a character dies, close the story goddammit, why didn't Hyunwoo come to life?the begining is a little bit long & I cried a lot at the end (episodes 19 & 20) buhh.

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Weather has always been one of the most dynamic and complex forces shaping our planet, but now it's intensifying in varied and complex ways.

Extreme Weather takes us to the frontlines where few have gone.

I got super addicted to it and finished it all in 2 days!!!

Lethal personally feels sad for not seeing this show for what it could have been.

Using a variety of instruments, her team works to measure the rate of melting to help build a more accurate model of global ocean level rise.

In the Great Plains of the United States, Oklahoma native Justin Walker tries to place pods of sensors inside tornados as part of an effort to determine if tornado outbreaks are growing more extreme.

Among the melting tidewater glaciers of Alaska, National Geographic Emerging Explorer Dr.

Erin Pettit leads a young team of researchers into the splash zone at the face of Dawes Glacier aboard a boat custom-designed to get as close as possible to the calving ice.

drama's pretty good, although the ending is quite confusing.

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