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Here’s what they really think about birth control, hormone therapy, when to get a mammogram, and other hot-button topics.In 2014, the American College of Physicians concluded that routine pelvic exams (with speculum and bimanual exam) in average-risk women without symptoms aren’t necessary.

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“Around the start of your period, estrogen levels drop, which can trigger a migraine,” says Dr. Starting a new pack right away provides a steady dose of estrogen and may help you avoid a head-pounder.

Research shows that about 40 percent of women report problems in the bedroom.

The main reason I feel this way is because of difficulties in our sexual relationship. When we do have sex, which is not that often, once or twice a month, he has difficulty maintaining an erection, but has no problem maintaining with oral sex.

I am also concerned that he does not touch my body in ways that communicate sexual desire for me.

Top doctors told us they aren’t afraid to disregard conventional thinking when caring for patients and themselves.

"Medical societies and government organizations give recommendations," says Lauren Streicher, MD, clinical associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University and the author of Sex Rx. I follow what the literature shows." (As in, peer-reviewed studies.) She’s not alone.

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