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After gaining prominence as a radio and TV host, she had roles where she essentially played herself, as in the movie View from the Top, and an episode of the TV series Diagnosis: Murder.Her most significant acting role was in the 1997 comedy film Just Write.After Donald Trump became president, the tour was renamed the Sexy Liberal Resistance Tour.

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This uncensored show of original content features many of the regulars and guests from her radio show, and other celebrities and comedians, typically consuming alcohol (as with any other happy hour) while they chat.

Video versions of the Happy Hour are also available.

On her show on KFI, Miller began to incorporate political talk. Reflecting on the experience a few years later for an article in The Buffalo News, Miller said, "I think 13 weeks is a pretty tough shot for any unknown in late night.

"It was the first time I had done talk radio, and I was like, 'Oh, you mean just me talk, with no music? I felt like my dad must have felt in the 1964 campaign: 'I have no shot in hell, but I'll just give it a try.".

In February 2000, shortly before her departure from KABC, Miller began hosting the Oxygen Channel's revival of the game show I've Got a Secret.

After her radio show on the ABC Radio Today network ended, Miller moved back to the New York City area, According to May Lee, she and Miller "made a pretty good team - she as the funny, goofy half; me as the serious, sophisticated other half.On July 24, 2016, during a performance of the Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour in Philadelphia in conjunction with the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Miller fell off the stage at the Walnut Street Theatre, falling into the orchestra pit.John Fugelsang jumped into the orchestra pit after Miller to check on her.Civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred who was at the show, also came to her aid.Fugelsang and Frangela finished up the performance without her.Miller began her radio career after her father's death in 1983, when she returned to Lockport from California.

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