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R- Paraguay Q-In which country is the Machu Picchu? R- 1096 Q- Who the Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of? R- Napoleon Bonaparte Q- In which year was the end of the American Civil War?

R- Peru Q- In which country is the St Basil Cathedral? R- 1865 Q- In which year was the stock market crash of black thursday?

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Answers for Sport Iq Quiz from uk Part 42011-01-27 Sport Iq Quiz with Carianne from uk (99,999% sure it is Carianne Barrow )Question 1: They knock out Newcastle in the last round Question 2: They share their Liberty Stadium home with Swansea Ospreys Question 3: Sven-Goran Eriksson is associated with Notts County and Man City Question 4: Sky Blue is the colour associated with the Sky Blues Question 5: Prizefighter takes place in London Question 6: The Australian Open final will take place in Melbourne Question 7: The Saints moved from their last home in 20012011-02-02 Sport Iq Quiz with Daisy (Daisy Watts) from uk Question 1: Andy Carroll is (was ?

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