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The truth is, women actually think of sex way more than men, we just keep it to ourselves. If you want your man to imagine you naked, then this is one of those sexy text messages to send your guy that will make him immediately picture you nude.When you send him this sexy text in the middle of the afternoon, you can always follow up with something even hotter such as “I can’t WAIT to have you alone tonight. After that, he won’t be able to concentrate on anything else all day, which is exactly what you want! Once again, you’re letting your guy know that you’re thinking of sex and, more importantly, you’re thinking of sex with him."Whatever the truth is defines the reality of you and I forever, and I need to be able to define that before I can walk away." Vanessa Trump filed for divorce last week, just days before reports of her husband's alleged affair became public.

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After he responds (which will probably be “oh, really?

” because he wants to hear more, but has no idea how to respond), you can go into detail about what you’re going to do to him when you get him alone. This is another one of those sexy text messages to send your guy when you want him to picture you naked. This random middle of the day text will blow his mind.

But on election night in November 2016, O’Day tweeted that “my story I didn’t tell is worth millions now.” RELATED VIDEO: What Went Wrong Between Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr: He Grew ‘Distant, Angry;’ She Felt Stifled Of all the stresses that reportedly pulled at Vanessa and Trump Jr.’s marriage — from his racy tweets to a former model, to the alleged affair with O’Day, to his cheapskate approach to Vanessa’s spending — friends tell PEOPLE in this week’s new issue that the strain between husband and wife was nothing new.

The couple had been living “separate lives” for a while, says a source who socializes with them.

"This is how Vanessa found out and the affair ended," the source told People.

Trump and O'Day met on the set of "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2011, according to multiple reports. O’Day video sparks more speculation of reported Trump Jr.

If you’re at a loss for words, or don’t know how to get that sexy conversation going, then here are some sexy text messages to send your guy that will have him imagining you naked in no time.

This is a great beginner sex text that is sometimes lost on men.

If you’re in bed, he’s thinking of the times he’s in bed with you, which means you’re naked in his mind. Text “I’m lying here, naked, my hand sliding over my breasts…wishing you were here…should I slide my hand lower? If you send him a text saying you’re aroused when he least expects it, his ego will boost sky high and he’ll get aroused as well just knowing you want him. If you want to get things going and have a little more fun with your sexy texts, then you need to start with this one.

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