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I've learned from them when I first came to Asia (didn't know what I was doing or what was going on.) I'm sure you'll boost your love life in the Orient too!

In any case - good luck with having the kind of dating life you want while you live in the Orient. You might find someone so enchanting you'll want to make her your long-term girlfriend or wife!

They prioritize marriage above all, including career and our happiness,” says Sun.

In addition to that - most guys from China would cater their every need which makes them even more spoiled.

Also in this city they look down on other Chinese women since they're "original" Shanghainese.

“People never talk about leftover men less because man are still dominant here. However, women are bound by their physiological conditions [to give birth].

That’s why they are in the spotlight.” To prove these normal, single women do exist, I went to check out Singles Club, one of the biggest online single women’s communities in China.

When I visited this city back in 2009 I had no idea what to expect - let alone how to meet pretty Chinese women!

I wish I had someone who could give me a quick rundown on what the local ladies were like. excuse to talk to yo • she's probably been asked this before and so is comfortable with it • if she rejects you - you avoid embarrassment because you're just asking for directions • you learn a bit more about the city ;-)So once you start a conversation with her - what next?

However, I feel like the real 剩女 are often more talked about than talked to.

Now, social groups of these women are forming, determined to show this "taboo" for what it really is: normality. The term "leftover women" (剩女) has only been around for a few years. Many credit the show “New Era of Marriage,” a Chinese TV series ("新结婚时代") starring Taiwanese actress Rene Liu.

“It’s true that there are a large number of single women in Shanghai.

It’s also true that Shanghai's single women are picky.

After all - you walk around and notice them all around you. Talk to her the right way: Most girls in China have never met a stranger randomly (let alone an expat!

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