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With shamans encouraging their fight against the Bolsheviks, the rebels — numbering no more than 150 — resisted submission for three years in the harsh conditions of the tundra. It seems unfeasible that Russia, which holds a fifth of the planet's forests, could run out of wood.

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And yet it is happening, at least with commercially usable forests, environmental analysts say.

The Russian logging industry will face lack of harvestable timber in 10 to 20 years, a short time by the standards of an industry naturally tied to slow tree growth cycles, according to their consensus.

"Everyone agrees we need to move on to intensive management," Dmitriyev said by telephone.

Russia in fact replants a lot — 8,700 square kilometers last year, an area roughly the size of Puerto Rico, according to official figures.

This is 20 percent of the world's total and more than any other country.

Brazil is second with some 5.1 million square kilometers.Dmitriyev of the state forest agency admitted the lack of maintenance, saying the country simply does not have the budget for it.Some of the agency's funds could be reallotted for maintenance, but that would make the forest authorities vulnerable to criticism, Yaroshenko said.Some forests cleared between 19 have actually regrown enough to be cleared again, said WWF's Kobyakov.But those offer mostly aspen or birch — which, despite being considered the archetypal national tree in Russia, is subpar timber compared with many conifers, which are in increasingly short supply, experts said.When he died at about 40, the recently unearthed man stood at 1.8 meters tall — 25 centimeters above the average height of his descendants, the indigenous Khanty and Mansi peoples.

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