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Since the earthquake on January 12, 300 children have been given to new families in the U. More adoptions are in the pipeline, many arranged by orphanages in Haiti.It is estimated that 7,000 children could leave the country over the next year.

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She added: 'Sometimes Americans think that children are better off in a middle-class environment than being with their own family because they are impoverished. Children love their own families.' That is certainly the case with Benatide.

When I met her at the refuge, she whispered to me: 'I want to go home.

The result of all this is that Haiti is haemorrhaging its young.

It is a sad postscript to the tragedy, in which 200,000 people were killed as houses, supermarkets and entire shopping streets crumbled to the ground.

'There was nothing left for the girl here after the earthquake last month,' says Adrienne simply as she sits on a pile of rubble, overlooking the country's devastated capital, Port-au-Prince, below in the valley. 'We didn't have enough food to put on the table for everyone.

It was bad in Haiti before the earthquake - now it's far worse.

Thousands upon thousands of those made homeless are still living in tented towns in the city, including one in the garden of the presidential palace.

Yet despite the new vulnerability of these children, Heather Paul, the international head of the charity SOS Children's Villages, which runs the refuge now caring for Benatide, says foreign adoptions should be only a last resort when 'every effort has been made to reunite a child with relatives or provide suitable care in Haiti'.

There, they watched as buildings all over Calebasse began to crumble.

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