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where singles and dating couples will learn from the nation’s leading relationship experts on how to best prepare for their future marriage.

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The individual sessions start at $47.00 per session, so it would be best to pay for the registration in order to get access to all the sessions for a bundled price.

No, if you are dating, engaged, or newly married each session will be able to speak to your current situation in a different way in order to help you establish a solid foundation for a Godly marriage.

They have since been featured in BET, JET Magazine, and worked with countless other relationship experts in the grand effort to reduce the divorce rate in America.

With a team of writers, Married and Young reaches hundreds of thousands of readers with their encouraging content.

“Jamal & Natasha Miller are the founders of Marriedand, a site dedicated to helping men and women establish a solid foundation for an unbreakable marriage.

Their Facebook love story went viral after they posted it on You Tube upon getting engaged.

This year I came home four times from college and he was in town every single time.

After I went back to campus each time Mom said, ‘I never get to see you!

’ Yes, well, that’s because you were with your boy.” Dating for two is difficult; dating in a crowd is downright complicated.

The kids are engaged, at least on some level, even when you don’t think they are.

When asked what she wishes her mom would do differently while dating, Rachel, a smart young graduate student, replied, “I wish she would recognize her own impulsivity and emotional rollercoaster.

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