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This thoroughly researched, high-level view of central-bank operations would be interesting to those in the finance, banking, and economic fields. Foreign Correspondents Club Japan Based on original archival presidential correspondence, All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power exposes a century of tight relationships and interdependence between America's past 19 presidents (from Teddy Roosevelt to Barack Obama) and key bankers (from J. Morgan to Jamie Dimon.) It show how the same people, through blood, mentorship and other symbiotic collaborations drove American domestic and foreign policy and transformed America into a super-power. Watch the trailer.captures the drama, romance and desperation of a distant past that mirrors the present, traversing the beleaguered immigrant community of the Lower East Side to the feral pit of Wall Street and the alluring glitter of Park Avenue. As the body count escalates, she is trapped in a sinister world of off-shore embezzlement and on-shore power plays, where everyone is suspect, and death, dollars and danger fluctuate faster than the Dow.

All the Presidents' Bankers / APB San Antonio Tlayacapan, Mexico, October 10 "Geo-Politics and Finance in the Trump Era" Canon Insitute, Tokyo, Japan July 11 Trump Era, Central Bank Collusion and Global Economy, Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, Tokyo July 10 Keynote Annual Conference, NV5, Las Vegas, June 10 "Nafta, Financial Regulations and US-Mexican Relations", Technologico de Monterrey, Mexico City, May 11 USC, LA Apri 18th, Media and Society, Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism The Global Financial Road Map for 2017, 2h Wealthcare Annual Conference Buckinghampshire, UK, March 23 San Diego - Feb. London - Dec 7th: Global AOM / Britain in the New Financial Order, Video Here. Spanning the creation of the Federal Reserve, two world wars, the Cold War, and international economic crises from the Panic of 1907 through today, APB divulges the historical alignment of the White House and Wall Street. The Trail follows a young financial journalist who leaves Wall Street only to discover a mysterious document hidden deep within a secret Washington, D.

(» read) Emperor: We talk to Eugene Nomura '90 about his new Occupation-era movie .

(»read) ASIJ Memories: The Meguro Years Excerpts from our new book of personal memories from the Meguro campus.

(» read) From Student to Sensei: We catch up with Leslie Birkland '66 on her long association with ASIJ.

(» read) We've Got a Plan: We take a look at ASIJ's new Strategic Plan and the students who helped write it.

The RAIC Foundation has created a scholarship in the name of well-known architect Kiyoshi Matsuzaki '62, who passed away in December.

This scholarship advances Kiyoshi's personal belief in the future of the profession of architecture; and, his unyielding support of the younger generation of students as the next leaders of the profession.

Check out the official website for more information about the film and to watch the trailer. Congratulations to Pamela Jones-Morton (FF 1972-77) who received a Carnegie Medal for extraordinary acts of civilian heroism.

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