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Those new to Skype will have to use a PC or Mac to sign up for the service, as the app only allows for username and password entry for existing users.Once logged in, you're taken to your contact list, which is displayed in a grid of icons that unfortunately can't be viewed as a list or otherwise sorted.There's also no means of searching for a contact outside of quick jumps to certain letter groupings, and you can't add or remove new users to your friends list from within the app.

In just a sample, you can see that some of these words relate to past events—much of which are censored by Internet providers under mandate by Chinese law to citizens in the country—but also show the overreaching steps by the ruling party to limit the flow of open information to its people: While results relating to the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 are filtered, as well as recent events relating to high profile politicians and suchlike, also in the selection of words are organizations that report on freedom of speech in the country, as well as seemingly random phrases, such as "Ferrari" and "Quebec".

Knockel discovered during his research that every time he logged in to TOM-Skype, servers based in China would download an ever-updated list of keywords that would hook into the application and monitor his communications.

There are also noticeable latency issues with words falling out of sync with the video on-screen.

Outgoing calls are limited to a single simultaneous contact, but the app supports incoming group calls.

or major players in the technology industry, such as Microsoft, a foothold in the lucrative Chinese market is worth bowing down to certain ethical considerations that would not ordinarily pass in the Western world. In doing so, it's left a trail of controversy in the eyes of privacy and civil liberties groups, not limited to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), for pandering to the requirements of the 'oppressive' Chinese government.

student has shown that, amid rumors that Skype is not as secure or as private as it is believed to be, the Chinese authorities are able to snoop and censor text-based conversations for active censorship and surveillance purposes. In order to expand to the Chinese market, Microsoft developed a version of Skype, which the Redmond, Washington-based company bought in 2011 for .5 billion, with TOM Online, a China-based mobile Internet company.

Multitasking is supported in a limited capacity, allowing users to remain signed in while playing games and browsing the home screen.

Leaving the app during a video or audio call, however, will disconnect you from the other user.

Overall, we'd categorize the app as sufficient for basic communication but far from the ideal Skype experience.

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