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A diary I wrote to keep my sanity where I could vent and get rid of my frustrations and anger, it was basically just a big F U to my stepmom, she could never find it, but part of me wished she would.There was so any things I wanted to say to her face, but writing down every single thing I wanted to say still gave me some relief.

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But he worked hard for it and wasn't the type to flaunt it, in fact we lived a very simple life.

He was pretty religious actually, we were Christian, born again, but he only found religion late in life.

She would make me iron, vacuum, do the dishes, wash all the clothes in the house, I even cooked for her.

While she lay down on the couch and watched television, shouting for me to fetch her that or bring her this.

I felt like I didn't really know him, all I knew is he was a bit strict, overly protective and paranoid, a control freak to say the least, but he had a good heart. I wish he was, just so he could see how Diana treated me on the daily.

I never thought it had genuinely evil people in the world until her.

I got great test scores and all I had to do was convince my dad to let me go to college and I would be free.

Able to live my own life and never have to see that woman again.

She would buy me cheap clothes, things that didn't even fit properly.

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