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The penis shaft is usually more responsive to an encompassing full-hand hold."*Names have been changed.Mix It Up Want to keep his body from getting bored?It seems the jacket's appeal isn't lost on the rest of the celeb world either - we've also spotted Khloe Kardashian rocking this chic cover-up.

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He says that when I finally get back to ground zero after my detour, he's twice as sensitive to my touch — and twice as turned on." Divvying up your manual moves between two different spots on his body is another way to double his pleasure.

"Using each hand in a different place gives him an exciting, tantalizing feeling," says Sonntag.

"If one area gets too much stimulation, you become desensitized to the feeling," says Costa. "When he's responding fully, his skin will jump or the muscles will quiver slightly under your touch," explains Costa.

"If he's completely still, that's your cue to move on for a few minutes before touching that place again." Traci, 25, found that teasing her man's penis added to his excitement.

The athlete, who will play for the San Francisco 49ers this season, showed himself to be a giving amn as he was spotted buying a few candy bars from a few teenagers waiting outside while he left the restaurant.

Do you want to bring your man to the brink of nirvana and keep him dangling there in heavenly suspense until he begs for mercy?"Guys are always so protective of their whole groin area, like during sports, for example. But one night, I was touching Dan, and he told me I could grip a little tighter.So I kept increasing the pressure until my fingers were locked around him."Of course, Clay loves for me to give him a hand job, but I found out that I can drive his excitement level way higher if I switch spots.I'll touch his penis enough for him to get worked up, then I'll stop that and start tracing my fingers down his stomach or up his lower legs."Besides the simple fact that you're stimulating more nerve endings, the separate sensations also create twice the anticipation." Ellen, 23, employs this technique to give her guy a mock ménage trois.

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