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Here you can find the article: we say that dating sites can also be considered as social networking sites? Also, it’s important how you present yourself on either platform.

You want people to see you in a certain way, which could be anything, even as somebody that doesn’t want to bother too much with social networking sites. Where the ‘normal’ social networking sites don’t really have a purpose but to engage people with each other, a dating site is there for you to find a mate.

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We are grateful for social media because if it was not for Twitter, we never would have met.

Imagine one of us living in the Philippines and the other living thousands of miles away in Connecticut.

There will be people who will question your choices especially for those who meet online.

No matter what people say, it is still your choice.

The biggest letdown is if you get into an intimate relationship right away based only on what the other person says in their profile or an attractive profile photo.

Before falling head over heels for someone, make sure you get to know the real person first.

While our story had a happy outcome, not everyone is so lucky.

We have heard many personal horror stories of built-up expectations that were never realized. Why do you think a lot of hit songs, books and movies are about love?

Truth 2: Not everyone is truthful about who they say they are on social media.

Don't fall into the trap of believing everything you see on social media. People will often stretch the truth to hide their perceived flaws and build up their positives to get people to follow or friend them.

We hope these "truths" will help you avoid heartaches and create meaningful and positive relationships: Truth 1: Social media sites are not dating sites.

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