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Or, the date where you showed up at a guy’s house only to be surprised that his entire family was there?

This knowledge is important, as it can be applied beyond a speed date to any 30-second introduction that is potentially romantic.

This question is what guided speed dating research conducted by Dr. Houser, of Texas State University, which I also authored. Houser and I attended speed dating events in 2 major cities.

Whenever I talk to my students about speed dating, they appear to be judgmental and critical (as most of my students are of nontraditional dating methods, including online dating—a topic we’ll discuss in another blog).

But, the value of speed dating lies in its efficiency.

Essentially then, when first meeting someone, the advice is clear and simple: smile and make eye contact.

Of course, the caveat is that you smile naturally and make an appropriate amount of eye contact…a constant smile and unwavering eye contact can convey creepiness and an unintended level of social awkwardness.Research indicates that brief impressions are lasting impressions.Consider the programmatic work on thin slicing by Ambady, made popular in Gladwell’s Blink.Midway through the evening, we interrupted dates asking participants to make a brief introduction and then to stop their date.We then asked them two basic questions: how do you feel about the person you just met, and why?The real benefit of speed dating, though, is similar to that of online dating: you and your date share the same goal.

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