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This trip offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the energy of Halloween in a way that will always be remembered.

If you have a bent for guilty pleasures, try to imagine the fun you will have posting photos from this trip back to your trick or treat friends stuck back in Houston. The destination, of course, is a visit on Halloween to the legendary castle of Vlad the Impaler, better known as Count Dracula.

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With the Balkan area placed in the crossroads of civilization between Asia and Eastern Europe, you will see forbidding fortresses along the Danube built to keep out the Mongols and the Turks.

I hope you will take the time to browse the pictures and the copy of the fascinating places we will visit as well as the scenery that we will see as we travel the Danube towards the spectacular city of Budapest.

Next, explore Samovodska Charshia, a traditional street teeming with handicrafts, or visit the castle ruins and enjoy vistas of the Old Town and countryside.

Afterward, proceed to Arbanasi, rich in history and Greek influence.

With their strange, red-hued cliffs and massifs, these breathtaking mountains strike a dramatic pose.

The result of millennia of weathering, river erosion, freezing, and countless other factors, these formations are Bulgaria's great natural wonder.

As it turns out, the Danube transits two enormous plains.

As the picture shows, the area south of Budapest is flatlands as well as the Romanian lowlands.

The sculpture was made between 19 on a rocky outcrop on the river Danube Our trip through this long, winding gorge will be a sublime experience.

As we sit outside in our rocking chairs, we will be treated to unbelievable scenery.

Located 50 miles south of the Danube, this location will require an hour bus ride.

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