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There are many reasons people may experience such doubts.

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Every dating relationship has varying degrees of physical, emotional, and spiritual closeness.

In healthy relationships, the levels of all intimacy progress equally.

Either way, a marriage cannot thrive where a couple has subjects that remain off-limits, where relational intimacy can exist only if certain subjects never come up.

Learn to talk to your future spouse about anything and everything and be concerned if subjects remain off-bounds. A very serious warning sign within a dating relationship is an increase in physical intimacy—intimacy that is appropriate only within marriage.

The wedding vows are meant to ensure that you will not be rejected or discarded by the one you share your body, your heart, and your soul with.

Only marriage provides the “all systems go” assurance of safety and fidelity.

Their wisdom is not inerrant, but it may still be valuable. Let the Scriptures be your guide in all matters of faith and practice.” Ask trusted counselors about your relationship and carefully consider their concerns. The Bible forbids Christians from marrying non-Christians, so the most important spiritual harmony comes by ensuring your future spouse is a true believer.

I have spoken to many brokenhearted husbands and wives who have realized too late that they married an unbeliever. Another kind of spiritual disharmony is when major doctrinal differences divide spouses—issues like disagreements on the roles of husbands and wives or on the way God guides his people, whether through Scripture or through other kinds of revelation.

In other words, sexual expression isn’t going any further than trust, shared histories, seeking God together, and other aspects of intimacy.

As a relationship slowly progresses, the couple becomes steadily more intimate in all areas.

Lou Priolo’s books have often been helpful to me and this has proven the case once more with a little booklet he’s written on this very subject.

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