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Disagreements often arise as to the primary reasons for living straight edge.

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Since then, a wide variety of beliefs and ideas have been associated with some members of the movement, including vegetarianism and animal rights.

While the commonly expressed aspects of the straight edge subculture have been abstinence from alcohol, nicotine, and illegal drugs, there have been considerable variations on how far to take the interpretations of "abstaining from intoxicants" or "living drug-free".

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Heck some religions ban alcohol and drugs and sex before marriage, Straight edge can be different things to different people, but some of the guidelines were outlined in the 80s and changed as the world just like saying youre punk or goth or emo or preppy. The straightedge movement and community are totally linked to hardcore.

there are specific stereotypes or guidelines but every person adjusts it to their life to make it fit right.----Straight edge I have chosen this path.... They respect my decision and all i ask from them is not to force me into anything, dont pressure me, respect me and if i dont want to be present while they consume stuff, not to **** at me for being a party pooper Keep on rockin' ! i dont talk about how hardcore i am, if someone offers me something i say no or " sorry i dont drink, i dont smoke i dont ..." etc. Dont ever think your missing out on something ,those are addictive behavior's,as far as being called a goody two shoe's,at least you dont feel the need to have to fit in by fallowing the crowd ..yourself,and you' ll find you get further in life......beside's the least amount of this stuff you put in your body the better off youll be in the long run.than i'm not SE because i dont like hardcore music?

What I mean is that I never had a drink until I was probably close to 30 and it was just a few sips of wine at my then in-laws.

I was totally amazed at the nice lull that came with that and now I still don’t drink hardly at all, but sometimes a glass of wine by the fireplace watching a good movie is a good thing.

(They drop it right on the open wound) I was flipped out after I heard what caused this!!! In my experience (a LOT of it), those who have an issue with it are usually insecure drinkers; those who do it to fit in, not those who do it for simple enjoyment. so i have tried it and did not like it hence why i do not do it now I went almost exactly the opposite direction from the original poster. I've avoided the hard and addictive ones, like crack, cocaine, meth and heroin. And it's never 1 "cig" either lol...1 cig times millions of people? lol There's tons of cars blowing pollutant smoke out of their tailpipes, so why bother keeping mine up right?

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