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The Escalation Workshop consists of a 40-minute film (educate) followed by a 40-minute guided discussion (empower) geared toward helping students understand the warning signs of abuse, while also promoting healthy relationships.

These pieces are followed by a 10-minute activation piece, directed at students who want to start the conversations in their own community by getting involved.

To educate students about the warning signs of relationship violence and the resources available, the Virginia Tech Police Department has partnered with the One Love Foundation to activate the entire campus in a movement to end relationship violence.

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Examples of dating or domestic violence include threatening a partner or their family, coercing them into doing something they don’t want to do, constantly belittling them, controlling what they can and cannot do, deciding who they can go out with and when, isolating them from friends and family, controlling their finances and access to resources, or physically hitting, kicking, punching, slapping, or scratching.

Dating and domestic violence can also include sexual violence or stalking.

She is the creator and director of the Center’s webinar online education program and in her time at Children’s has educated more than 10,000 professionals and community advocates.

She also serves on several committees with a focus on planning child abuse prevention initiatives.

Domestic/Dating Violence Awareness Month connects advocates across the nation who work to end interpersonal violence.

Dating or domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence, is a pattern of ongoing power and control by one dating partner over another.

As the child life specialist, Kara helps reduce anxiety and aids with coping in patients that have been physically and sexually abused.

She prepares patients for their medical exams and forensic interviews through developmentally appropriate avenues and provides procedural support throughout their exams.

“If one of our students is experiencing relationship violence or has a friend that is, we want them to recognize those warning signs and have the resources to get out safely,” said Corporal Kendrah Cline of the Virginia Tech Police Department.

“It’s important to us that our students and employees know that we care about them.” This event is the first of what the police department hopes will be many One Love Foundation activities on campus in the coming years.

Parking is available in the Southgate and Coliseum lots. Virginia Tech also offers multiple resources for individuals suffering from domestic violence or abuse or have questions about the signs of an abusive situation.

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