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Also, the Persian Empire was also defeated by the Kingdom of Makuria as they tried to expand South into Southern Egypt.

The Islamic Army met a rare defeat in Southern Egypt when they meet the cavalry and archers of the Kingdom of Makuria.

The commander of the Islamic Army was 'Amr ibn al-'As(RA) he meet three rare defeats when he fought the Nubian Army of the Kingdom of Makuria.

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Eventually, within a few years Blemmyes was absorbed into the three kingdoms.

After Nobatia consolidated their rule over Blemmyes, their rule extended from Luxor to near the 2nd cataract and were the first of the Nubian kingdoms to get in contact with Christianity.

Kush at the height of power ruled all of Egypt, South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eriteria, part of Libya, Gaza Strip, Israel, the West Bank, part of Modern day Syria, and Jordan.

The period after the collapse of Kush is the 3 Kingdom period, in-which three Nubian Kingdoms emerged, namely Nobatia, Makuria, and Alodia.

Thus, The Islamic Empire and the Kingdom of Makuria entered into a treaty called the Baqt treaty.

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