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The police officer was recorded saying, "I told him not to reach for it." The shooting remains under investigation.

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Next, they plan to research whether these judgments about car personality influence the way people drive or what car they choose to buy.

Soleyman Wahidie and Shayla Lovic say the sunroof of their 2016 Volkswagen Jetta “spontaneously” shattered, showering their newborn in glass shards. The sunroof is fixed but they’re worried this could happen again."We wanted something that's safe, reliable. We even got tints to prevent the sun going into her eyes," Lovic said.

Their own faces The research revealed that both Austrians and Ethiopians looked at cars in the same way.

One Ethiopian man, when asked whether he associated a human face, an animal face, or no face with cars, even said, "I do not know what to answer. " But humans judge those car faces by similar standards as human faces, the researchers found.

Asking these questions about a hunk of metal and glass may seem nonsensical, but a new study shows that people attribute facial features and humanlike traits to automobiles, even in areas where car advertisements and anthropomorphic auto movies such as Disney Pixar's "Cars" are almost nonexistent.

"Taking a bear for a stone might be lethal, whereas the opposite does no harm," she said.Cardenas, an administrative assistant at the University of Miami, said he came up with the idea while thinking about the deadly shooting of Philando Castile by a police officer during a traffic stop in Minnesota on July 6.In a live Facebook stream after the shooting, Castile's girlfriend said the man was shot while reaching for his wallet to produce his license and registration. This tendency likely would have protected our ancestors, Windhager told Live Science. The findings are additional evidence that humans are evolutionarily predisposed to see faces in everything, said study researcher Sonja Windhager, an anthropologist at the University of Vienna.Most car features considered childlike were also considered more feminine, the researchers found, including closer-set headlights and larger windshields.

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