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The moral is that not only is the University of Limerick a great school but it is also never too late to try something new, find a new path, take a chance and surprise yourself no matter your age.

In 1996 Taiwan held its first-ever presidential election, marking our transition into a full democracy.

Slow growth, rising inequality and new security threats are testing economic and political institutions around the world.

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Food….is unreal how good it is…buffets are the best on the planet.

I am ecstatic about being apart of the University of Limerick’s ambassador program.

Taiwan has different pension programmes for different professions: an unfair practice which fuels social divisions.

Changing this system will take some effort, but the DPP has a clear democratic mandate to do so.

Previous to coming to Ireland, I was living in Taichung, Taiwan, teaching English as a Foreign Language.

The thing you have to understand is that I didn’t have any experience in doing this.

I was good at it, I loved doing it and received immense satisfaction from my job but I wanted to learn more.

Over the course of the last years I was there, I researched schools, made lists and narrowed it down to 3 schools out of close to 30. Out of all the schools, for my field, Limerick had the best reputation and after my Skype interview with two of my current professors, I knew I wanted to be apart of the program and the school.

I spent a month getting certified to teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and off to Taiwan I went.

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