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Anyone can determine that by simply looking at a Taiwanese woman’s facial features.However, Taiwanese women aren’t exactly the same as Asian women.

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Many western guys meet Taiwanese women and then finally realize late in the game that she only wanted to be friends or to have a native English speaker show her around.

One way to avoid this is to start early with some touching and let it proceed from there.

Many Taiwanese Women Are Inexperienced Young Taiwanese women, especially those in their twenties, are often very inexperienced with relationships.

This means that what you may see as her hesitation might actually just be fear at something unknown.

Touching also gives you valuable feedback about how it’s going.

When the moment comes where you take her hand in yours, you can tell by how she feels whether she’s ready to proceed further or not.

If anything breaks through their comfort zone, they are more likely than westerners to shy away.

Again, this means you should take it slow, but it also means that you should be careful not to surprise her.

Make sure you know she likes you before you try anything bold.

Touching can work wonders on Taiwanese women, so be sure it’s something you do when building relationships with Taiwanese women.

In the art of meeting Taiwanese people, it’s a well-known fact that body language plays an important role, and that touching is part of this body language.

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