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I never forget what my real job is, which is my livestock stuff.I figured out how to open the gate without getting out of the car.Bravo Mick Jackson and HBO Films for "Temple Grandin" the film!!!

One husband explained: 'After 20 years of marriage I now understand she is having an affair(s) and I just don't want to have sex with her anymore but want to keep up appearances until the kids are a bit older and less vulnerable.' Not everyone had a dramatic reason for the drop in sex drive.

Some couples had simply grown apart over the decades.

She does accurately portray how I would act in the '60s and '70s.

We met in New York for a half a day and I gave her all my tapes of me, of old lectures from the late '80s, early '90s and an old Larry King show I did.

Yet this film highlights a woman's life who has autism, and how that affected her life, and ultimately, how her life -- and thoughts and ideas -- affected the lives of millions.

A parent of a child diagnosed at three, she was given Temple's autobiography, by her own mother.Temple Grandin has paved the way towards educating educators, as well as the public, about this very intriguing disorder.Directed by Mick Jackson; screenplay by Christopher Monger and William Merritt Johnson, based on the books 'Emergence' by Temple Grandin and Margaret Scariano and 'Thinking in Pictures' by Temple Grandin.As the first flush of romance fades and responsibilities mount, they might find themselves having sex less frequently over the years - or not at all.Now hundreds of brave Reddit users have revealed the reasons why the fire fizzled out in their own relationships in a searingly honest discussion. Have kids.' Some 6,000 people responded to the user's question, and raising a family quickly emerged as the most common cause for a dwindling sex life.In today's column, I interview Claire Danes and Temple Grandin about HBO's terrific "Temple Grandin" biopic, which premieres tomorrow night at 8.

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